Annotated Links from Margaret Teske

Levels: Intensive English Programs, Community College, Adult

Here is a short list of websites that I have used in ESL teaching along with notes about how to use them.

This website has many, many different kinds of short stories similar to Chicken Soup for the Soul. I pick a non-religious theme and find about 5 different stories about the same length.

I print out the stories and distribute a different story to each student in a group of 5. Each student reads his/her own story. Then, each student orally tells the story to the group of 5.

This is great reading, vocabulary and oral practice.

Many other exchanges can be done using these stories. Students like to read them on their own in a computer lab setting as well. or

These two websites are great for students learning to write email. With email addresses of their friends in hand, students can learn how to send birthday greetings, and other fun greetings to their keypals.

This website is fabulous listening practice for beginning to intermediate level students. Students must download Real Player before being able to listen. The website has the address. Also, speakers or headphones are necessary. It’s great for a computer lab situation or to recommend to students to do at home for extra practice.

A great teacher resource for making crosswords and word search puzzles. Students can learn to do it too — great way to get them to generate the vocabulary review or quiz for the week.

This website is really helpful for conversation classes because Kathy has put tons of question cards on the site. All you have to do is print them out. What a time saver!

A great place for students to go for grammar, vocabulary, reading and conversation practice.

Beginning to intermediate students really like the easy, interactive exercises.

This website is for advanced grammar practice.

An all around good website for intermediate to advanced students. There is listening to Voice of America broadcasts, pronunciation practice, grammar, and reading.