Example of Individual Self-Assessment

Part 2:  Language and Literacy Skills



I learned:

I learned to


a tremendous amount

a lot


not much

nothing at all

get my point across to others in writing







use language and vocabulary effectively







clarify my thinking by revising my writing







edit my work







edit the work of others







use the computer to write and publish







use pictures or drawings to make a text come alive







use the computer to add graphics







use the internet







scan in pictures







get my point across in conversation with others







speak in front of an audience







use real life math







use different kinds of resources







Note:  The assessment section is based in part on the work done with Project IDEA, a Texas statewide staff development project that uses PBL to train master teachers. 

Project Director:  Barbara Baird, El Paso Community College

Project Consultant:  Heide Spruck Wrigley, Aguirre International

Project Coordinator: Rebecca Davis, Texas A&M