Project Learning Stages

There are three big stages in project-based learning: BEFORE, DURING, AFTER

BEFORE includes:

1.   Waiting for the teachable moment and watching for project ideas to emerge

2.   Introducing the idea of a project 

3.   Checking out projects done by others

4.   Carrying out mini-projects

5.   Getting excited about an idea and discarding it as unmanageable

 DURING includes:

1.   Brainstorming ideas, consensus building

2.   Implementation

       deciding on the end product

       taking on roles and tasks

       scope and sequence

       time lines

       inquiry/research/data collection

       dealing with technology

       draft of product

       ongoing assessment/continuous improvement

       getting feedback


       planning the final event



       staging the final event

AFTER includes:  

1. Basking in glory

2. Assessment

 a.   Reflection on what worked, what didn't; and why

b.   Assessment of skill gains through

       teacher ratings based on observations and rubrics

       learner self-assessments (see below)

       test scores

c.   Feedback from peers and stakeholders

3. Evaluation of project

d.   process: what worked; what didn't and why?

e.   product: quality (mapped to standards?)

f.      lessons learned

4. Capturing Evidence of Success (on resume, saving letters,