My Autobiography

My Autobiography


By Dagoberto Olvera

I am Dagoberto Olvera, I was born in Mexico City, one of the biggest cities on the world. The place I used to live is called "Villa de Guadalupe". It's a place where there is a beautiful church and the history says that the Virgen of Guadalupe's Miracle happend. Well, the place is very nice. I went to elementary school in a place close to this church and then continue secundary education in another school also near my neighborhood.

When I was a kid I used to live with my mother and my grandparents, I grew up without knowing my father, but I was happy because my grandparents always bought me everything I wanted, at that time I was the only child at home. Later my Mom got married, and I had two brothers. I learned how to share my toys with them, and I got a stepfather who taught me many good things because he is a good and hard working man. My Mom is lucky.

Before I finished the high school, I started to work for a big tools company as a salesman helper (where I learned many new things). After one year I had, the opportunity to become a salesman. That job gave me many opportunities to continue studying because I had a flexible schedule. I finished high-school, and I drop out of school for two years because I liked to make money and I forget the school. Fortunatelly I changed my mind and went back to school to finish the university. I studied Business Administration and I majored in Hotels Administration. After four years I completed the university and got my degree. One year before I got my degree I got married.

When I was finished school I got a job with Coca-Cola Company as a sales supervisor. It was a good job but so tiring because I worked at least 12 hours a day, Monday to Saturday and sometimes when Coca-Cola would have events my zone made me work even on Sundays. At that time, I was tired and bored with my work. When my brother in law, who was taking vacations in Mexico, asked me "Why don't you go to California to work?, wouldn't you like it?.

That question gave me many things to think about and after a long talk with my wife we decided I would go to California to work, but only for one year.

Before I arrived in California, I prepared my passport and I thanked my boss when I quit my job. Three weeks later I was ready to come to California and I was also afraid because it was my first time outside of my country and I didn't know what would happen.

At the begining it was very nice because everything was new for me, I got a job my second week here, and I started to make plans for what I would do with the money which I started to get. But later things changed.

I think life in United States is boring because most of the people who come here, have different customs or maybe because it's hard to accept that we need to be part of this society to have a better time, or maybe because we keep the idea that very soon we will go back to our countries and we don't need to learn to much about the customs in U.S.A.. I don't know exactly what happened, but I didn't like to staying here. When I completed the first year, I didn't get everything I wanted, so I decided to stay a little more. I missed my family a lot, my wife and two kids, but I thought that everything I was doing would be for them.

The economical situation in Mexico started to change and I needed to keep working here. I got two jobs and I saved some money but I didn't feel happy because didn't like my job, I don't still like it, but I have to work, and it's hard to get an opportunity without speaking English.

After seven years here I realize that I can't keep working in two jobs for the rest of my life, so I have decided to make the change that I needed. I quit one of my jobs and I went back to school to learn English and take any other classes that would help me to get a better position in my actual job and of course a better salary. I want to invest my time learning someting new or someting that would make me feel happy and make financially secure.

Actually I studied Macintosh Computer programs, because I like graphics and want to learn how draw or make publicity ads using the computer. This is one of the things I would like to do in the future. Later I will try to take my transcript of my Business Administration Diplomat and get my degree from some other University or College here in America. At this moment is only a dream but, who knows. If I stay in America, I'll try to be one of the best residents. Maybe, some day, I will be the citizen who came here to work and found an opportunity to grow up economical and intellectually but, I know I have to work hard if I want to get such a reward some day.

If you like my story, please write to me.

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