Sore Joints

10-May-06 at 08:10 AM:
NAME: m claydon

INGREDIENTS: 1 bottle of rubbing alcohol
1 banana peel
INSTRUCTIONS: Cut up the banana peel and put it in the bottle of rubbing alcohol. Let it sit overnight. Remove the peel. Rub on sore
joints. The liquid will look dark and nasty but it woksfantastic. I would wake up at night with sore joints. I would rub the liquid on and before I got back in bed the soreness was gone. My husband didn't believe me unitl he tried it.My sister who won't believe anything until she tries it also said it works. I got this remedy from a friend. I keep the bottle in my bathroom, it will last a long time.

Date: Tuesday, March 2, 2004
Time: 1:41 AM EST
hilda manriques// chlie
Country of Remedy: chile
Name of Remedy: sore joints

Ingredients: sand from seaside/ beach,and a bag,
Instructions: the next time you go to the beach bring home some sand,sew the sand in to a bag and heat the bag in the microwave or oven,
and place on the affected area,cheap and effective, the sand is full of minarels ect.

Date: Wednesday, January 8, 2003
Time: 7:08 PM EST


Instructions: To remove the pain of a jammed finger or toe, soak strips
of brown paper in vinegar, wrap around finger or toe. Cover with
plastic bag and make as airtight as possible. Leave overnight, by morning
there should be no pain.


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