Folktales from Around the World

Honorable Mention in the ISTE 1996 Telecommunications Activity Plan Contest

A joint project between Green Acres Middle School and the Visalia Adult School

In this project, Southeast Asian Students from Laos related oral folktales to a group of GATE students at Green Acres Middle School. These middle school students then wrote the tales which you can read here.A complete description of this project can be found in Virtual Connections.

Participants in the project include Elainea Scott, Coordinator of Instructional Media Services, Visalia Unified School District, Susan Gaer, Instructor, Rancho Santiago College and Claudia Maddox, Learning Director and Judi Hopper Library Media Specialist at Green Acres Middle School

Hmong Tale

Mien Tale

Lao Tale

Folktales from the United Arab Emirates

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