Thursday, October 23, 2008 9:25 PM

Hi, I saw your site so I thought I would send in one of my remedies.

I passed a gallstone that really hurt, I thought I was in great pain. A few days later I passed another one that was smaller but I had to go to the hospital for the second one too because I did not know any better. Test results revealed I had a number of gallstones but most were small than six centimeters. I asked if there was anything I could do and was told that there were home remedies I could look up to try. I began researching to find a way to pass the stones. I settled on milk. I like milk and do not have any issues with drinking milk and the calcium definetly corrodes the gallstones, so I drank milk. I drank about one half to one gallon of milk per week for about three weeks, no more pain and no more gallstones. All gone.

Faith Walker
Faith Walker Eco-Socio Life Style Guru of New Mexico

Date: Monday, September 13, 2004
Time: 12:51 PM EST
Country of Remedy: Unknown

Ingredients: 1 pint Lemon Juice
1 pint Olive Oil
Pineapple Juice

Instructions: Do this only on a day where you are free to stay close to your bathroom the next day!!! 12 noon No more foodDrink only clear fluids6pm No more fluids7pm Begin to drink olive oil and lemon juice at 1/4 cup incrementsDO NOT mix the two. Drink the olive oil first, then the
lemon juiceUse two different cups Drink each dosage every 15-20 minutes After and/or during each dosage, lay on your right side to allow proper filtration. Drink ALL of the olive juice and at least 1 pint of lemon juice. You may drink morelemon juice if you need to. You should be done drinking all of the juice around 10pm. Do not get up. Stay on your side and go to bed. By the afternoon of the next day, you should move your bowels and rid yourself of the stones. If you are curious or want to prove that this works, you can put a strainer in thetoilet to catch to stones. If you strain it, you will want to use a pitcher of water to wash thestones and a jar to hold them in.I had incredible pains in my ribcage just below my diaphram, alot of trouble eating fried foods,extreme lathargy and several pounds of weight gain before I did this. After the 1st time, I strained over 600 stones! My fatigue was gone and I weight loss was easy again. I did more research and foundthat gallstones come from high cholestorol foods and are very common. I changed my diet and cleanse every 3 months or so. I havent had any problems since.

Hi, I came accross a home remedy for my gallstones that really worked for me.
Ingredients: Apple Juice, Fresh squeezed lemon, and Dark Olive Oil.
Drink pure apple juice for two days, on the second night drink 3 ounces of fresh squeezed lemon, and 3 ounces of dark olive oil.  On the third day you should be able to pass the stones. 
Sara J.

Date: Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Time: 11:41 PM EST
J. Ching
Country of Remedy: China

Instructions: My aunty had gallstone and doctor already scheduled a surgical day to remove
gallstone for her. She never had a surgical operation in her life. she was veryscared. She came to my grandfather who was a Chinese herb doctor and ask for help.My grandfather gave her the above ingredients to boil them in water and drankthe water. No limitation on how many time she drank this herb tea. She drank twicea day, after 3 weeks, she went back to doctor and had a X-ray,stones were gone. The doctor was very shocked. Now 10 years later, my aunty never have gallstoneever since. She even refered this herb tea to those who have kiney stones, andit work on them too.

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