Mother Nature/Father Nature
by Joseph LeMont Washington


Once upon a time a long, long time ago, there was a little girl named Lyssa. She was as beautiful as a summer rose in mid-winter, with clear blue eyes, and lips as red as blood. Her mother was the mother of all mothers Mother Nature herself, who was the mother of all creatures great and small. Lyssa's mother was also known as Dayla which was her formal name. Dayla and Lyssa lived together happily for many years. Through these years Dayla showed Lyssa the ways of the universe. Little did they know what fate had in store for Lyssa.

As weeks fell into months, months into years, Lyssa soon came of age, looking just as beautiful as her mother. It soon became time for her to take her mother's place. For this to happen Dayla would have to pass on her powers to Lyssa. The powers included life, birth, beauty, grace, knowledge and kindness. Lyssa would take control of the force to control the existence of all creatures of the universe. Lyssa was delighted by this, but saddened for she would take her mother's place like her mother did before her. Thus Lyssa became the next Mother Nature.This she did for fifty years until it was time for her to begin a new cycle of life. When she was ready to give birth to our child, (Oh yes, I am Joseph, or better known as Father Time. I am also the father of Lyssa's baby. Bet you didn't know that.) she and I went to Mt Claudius, a Holy place for the birth of babies. Both Lyssa and I were prepared for a beautiful baby girl. But nothing in my past 55 years could have prepared me for this. For Lyssa didn't give birth to a girl, but a boy. Not only that, it was two healthy strong boys! They were just like their father. After a few weeks, my wife and I sat down and talked about this birth of twin boys. For where has it been written that Mother Nature ever had a son? For that matter, twins! We were in strange times now.We decided to continue on and name the boys Larry and Fabaous. The boys grew up learning the ways of both of their parents. Both Fabaous and Larry were well loved by everybody. Soon it became time for them to see the great boss of all Immortals, (God, Himself or Herself).

When the boys went to Him/ Her, laughter filled the room. Then She/He said, "Well, the time has finally come. Larry, you are gentle and kind, as well as brave. You shall take your mother's place as Father Nature." Laughter filled the room again. "Fabaous, wise, fast and cunning, you shall take your father's place. To both of you I ask to become the guardians of my daughter when she is born upon the earth. Protect her from those who would hurt or kill her. For on her day of birth the Devil son shall be born and he will do everything in his powers to kill her. This must not happen. So down you to go, Larry and Fabaous. Larry your earthly name shall be Larry Dayla Ascent. Fabaous, your earthly name will be Fabaous Saturn Ascent."

So let this be done and let this be written by all of my kingdom and beyond. So now Larry and Fabaous, Lyssa and Myself know the purpose of our twin boys' birthThe End or is it the Beginning.PS. If you look out into the stars on a clear night you might see me and my wife, Lyssa and our boys Larry and Marcus talking and playing about like a family.