Tuesday, December 2, 2008 10:32 AM
Name: Kim
Country_of_Remedy: USA
Ingredients: blow dryers, curling irons, straightening irons
Instructions: I\'m wondering how many moms use blow dryers and curling irons on their children? My youngest daughter was infested with bugs-she has extremely thick stawberry blond hair. No one else has a sign of them. I wondered why my older daughter didn\'t have a nit, but I found some in my hair. My daughter said, \"it\'s probably because I straighten my hair everyday\". I think she is right. I stopped using my blow dryer and curling products last year and usually let my hair air dry. Since realizing this, I\'ve started running a straigtener over my youngest daughters hair every morning. I first check her roots for signs of nits and remove anything I find with a nit comb. Then, starting as close to the scalp as possible, I run a straitener from scalp to end of every hair. Lice cannot survive long in heat over 110. I\'ll be trying this for a week or so and will let you know if it was successful. If the lice don\'t have a host, they die. We started this process with \"lice freee\" natural hair gel, also covered our heads with a mixture of organic mayo and cold pressed coconut oil. Since we have only been at this for 3 days, I can\'t say if we are having any success yet.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 1:02 PM
Name: Sarah
Country_of_Remedy: Canada
Ingredients: Neem oil
Instructions: We\'ve only had one round of lice last year, but I just discovered my daughter has another, not so bad yet, but ARRRRRRGH! I HATE tose things. Anyway, The first time we got a case, I did some research online and discovered that neem oil is a natural insecticide. You can get it at health food and natural stores and you put about 3 tbsp in about 8 tbsp of a carrier oil like olive or something (I might try coconut oil this time from the advice on this site), apply to the hair, wrap in plastic, rinse out, comb through, etc. The thing about neem oil, though, is it\'s supposed to affect nits as well, and prevent them from hatching. I know we only had to do one treatment last time (and it was a bad infestation!) and then we kept washing with neem oil shampoo (also availble from health food and natural stores, brand name TheraNeem). The only thing is the neem oil smells weird. Kind of like sulphur or bad onions or something. The shampoo smells fine. I might try the neem and the listerine together this time - maybe the mint will mask the neem oil!

Thursday, August 14, 2008 8:46 AM
Country_of_Remedy: United States
Ingredients: White vinegar
Teatree shampoo
Coconut conditioner
Flea comb
Shower cap
Instructions: Let me start by saying that these criters are not only spead by using other kids combs, brushes or headbands. Think carefully about some other common things kids share that involve head to head contact. 1) Cell phones 2) Land phones 3) I pods(ears phones) it\'s endless. My child didn\'t get lice from any of these sources but the more I think about how easy they are to contract, these seem pretty obvious. Mom\'s something that you probably never thought about was,Amusement Parks,Carnivals and Gamerooms. This is where I suspect my child got these things. All that has to happen is one kid who has active lice, lean back in his/her seat and there you have it! Think about the hundreds if not thousands of kids circulating throught these places per day.
Okay now back to my remedy. Thank God for this web site. After reading through and taking the remedies I thought made sense, this is what I did.
First soak the head with Vinegar. I sat my child in the tub and leaned her back. Two tips: Let the bottle sit in hot water before pouring it on the head. The fumes are bad enough to deal with.
Second: hold a towel around your childs face while pouring. If vinegar gets in the eyes its more painful then you can imagine.
Once the head is saturated sqeeze out excess and place showercap on the head. Keep a towel around face and neck for dips and keep on for 45 min to an hour.
The next step is rinse out the vinegar in the shower. Again avoid the eyes at all costs.
Now put a huge glob of the teatree shampoo. Lather into a rich foam and pile on top of the head. Let this sit for 20 minites before rinsing.
I put fresh water in the tub and let my daughter lay back and \"swish\" her hair back and fourth under the water. Have you child stop and comb through the hair with a thick tooth comb to release anything that\'s loose.
Squeeze out excess water and glob on coconut conditioner. Many companies make this scent but I was able to find White rain brand at the dollar store. There\'s something about the oils in the coconut that lice do not like.
Put a fresh shower cap on the head and off to bed. The conditioner takes the place of the Mayo. It smothers adults and makes combing out the eggs Oh so easy.
The next morning its back in the shower. Comb out hair section by section while rinsing.
Now that you\'ve washed and vacuumed everything, put any decorative pillows in the dryer. Bed pillows just replace, it\'s probably time to do so anyway.
Check your childs head daily until every little nit is gone. If you do see one, remove it with you fingermails, one by one, then shampoo again with the teatree shampoo. This stuff if a great preventative. Let everyone in the family use the for two weeks to prevent another out break.Saturday, August 16, 2008 9:32 AM
Name: Dawn tombs
"pjswifey@gmail.com" <pjswifey@gmail.com>
Country_of_Remedy: usa
Ingredients: mayo, listerine mouthwash, white vinegar, rid-x, denorex shampoo, coconut oil conditioner, nit comb, dog flea comb, small tooth comb, clean white towels, shower cap, tree tea oil.
Instructions: My daughter and I got infected with head lice and became infested. I looked online and found some ideas and so I decided I am goin to try anything and everything to kill the little buggers. First I cut our hair short enough to get rid of any bugs on the longer parts of our hair. Then I smothered our hair with real mayo and put on our shower cap and left it on for 3 hours. After 3 hours was up I then washed out the mayo and combed through it with a dog flea comb to remove any dead nits and lice. Then I saturated our hair with listerine mouthwash and combed through it again then rinsed it our and then poured white vineager in our hair and combed it again. After combing it with the vineager I let dry for a moment and put on rid-x lice shampoo and left it on for 10 minutes before washing it out, after washing it out I combed through the hair with the nit comb forever removing all the nits I could find! After combin out the nits to the point of the hair was dry I washed the hair with denerox extra strength coal tar shampoo and combed again with nit comb to remove any left over nits. After hair was semi dry I added blue magic coconut oil conditioner on our hair by the pound!! I left it in and combed out with nit comb to release any left over nits. I plan to keep the coconut oil on our hair for the remainder of the week and plan on using the tree tea oil shampoo I made using tree tea oil and suave fruit scented shampoo for the rest of the week and following weeks till all is gone! I plan to follow up in the next week the same technique in case of reinfestation. As for my house I went and got some delousing powder for animals that also kills head lice and their eggs and poured it all over my floors and let it set for 30 minutes and vaccumed like crazy over and over again. I bagged up all clothing till I could get to it with my washing machine and bagged up all toys and stuffed animals for the next two weeks. I sprayed and vaccumed all my furniture with delousing spray I found at walmart and then spray it every hour with lysol to make sure of any new lice. I sprayed all beds with the delouse and let dry and ironed them with a real hot iron, then sprayed with lysol . I then purchased vinyl bed covers and vinyl pillow covers to put on the mattresses. i spray all clothes with lysol before wearing and afterwards before putting in trash bags to be washed. I spray everything with lysol after using. With all my combs and brushes I just threw them away and got all new ones. I also heard that if you want to you can add a bottle of the rid-x shampoo to your laundry soap that it will kill any lice that will not die with laundry soap. I recommend that your bleach what you can and get color safe bleach for all of your other colored clothing. I hope this is the last time I have to deal with this problem!! KNOCK ON WOOD!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008 9:16 AM
Name: Trinka
email: lanakall@yahoo.com
Country_of_Remedy: usa
Ingredients: sargents flea and tick shampoo for cats ONLY

Friday, October 3, 2008 2:17 PM

Hi, I like reading your site and wanted to contribute something that I recently tried,,,I found out I had contracted head lice from one of my grandchildren, so I tried the different ideas, like mayo., olive oil, vinegar, listerine, tea tree oil, etc. And have had no success and it has been about 2 months now. The other day I was so frustrated and itching all over my head from the bites, I went in the bathroom and dumped 3% hydrogen peroxide (the kind you use for cuts and stuff) all over my head and then covered it all with a plastic bag and a clothes pin. I could feel it bubbling up and tingling. I left it on for 15 minutes and then showered and used dawn dishwashing liquid on my hair (rinsed it out of course) and then suave cocoanut conditioner, rinsed well, when I got out of the shower I used my metal flea comb (one that has very tiny spaces between the teeth) and couldn't believe all the bugs and nits it combed out! The nits looked all swollen and easily combed out! I dont feel anything crawling on my head anymore, and cant believe how quickly the bites are healing! I am going to repeat this every couple days! I think I've found relief at last!! Just thought I'd share this information, as its been a hard road! I've never in my life had head lice, and couldn't believe how impossible it was to get rid of! I did do a google search on peroxide and found a few articles about using it to kill bugs. Thanks for your great website!


Saturday, August 23, 2008 7:32 AM
Name: Linda Whitworth
Country_of_Remedy: USA
Ingredients: Vaseline
nstructions: coat entire head with vaseline, either using your hands or a comb, or both. Make sure the WHOLE head gets covered. Leave in overnight (or longer). It will be a pain get out of the hair. There\'s nothing that will really remove it. You just have to keep washing hair over and over. I start with dish soap (preferably one that cuts grease, such as Dawn). Then proceed with \"regular\" shampoo. The Vaseline makes it much easier to remove the nits. It will also smother any live lice that may be in the hair. This is not a fool proof method, but one that I have found to be effective. You may want to use some sort of lice killing shampoo first, such as Nix or Ovide. But when all else fails, this works pretty well.

Saturday, August 23, 2008 7:20 AM

Hi Susan.

Just reading your posts. Was wondering how I could add something to the remedies section. My daughter has head lice. This is what seems to be the umpteenth time! This time I used Nix as our insurance won't cover the Ovide. I found that the Ovide is the only thing that works. After 15 min with the Nix, she still had live bugs in her hair. So I resorted to using Vaseline in her hair. Not only does it smother the bugs, but it makes the nits much easier to comb out.

I am searching your site for ideas that make nit removal easier. My daughter can not sit for long and gets irritated after 1/2 an hour of me yanking at her hair. So I want to find something that will be sure to kill the nits so that I can do her hair over the course of a few days.

I hope that maybe my idea may help.

Linda Whitworth
Cohoes, NY

Monday, September 1, 2008 11:44 AM

Hello Susan,

I can't thank you enough for your invaluable website. My three daughter and I have battled head lice these last two months. Naturally, you first go to the drug store and buy something...anything. I bought Rid. Went through that long, tedious process. IT DID NOTHING!!!!

The very next day after the Rid treatment, the adult bugs were crawling down our bangs! We tried "drowning" the bugs by soaking our heads in our bathtub every day. Didn't help a bit.

Please, everyone, believe me when I tell you, the Listerine and White Vinegar works likes a charm!!! Please try this method FIRST, and you won't have to do anything else!
We did leave the Listerine on for TWO HOURS; then the White Vinegar for TWO hours. Shampooed with Suave Juicy Green Apple shampoo and then used Suave Conditioner.

From that day - - we have not had any bugs!!! If only we had tried that first, we wouldn't have had a miserable two months of summer.

Thank you so much!

Schaumburg, Illinois

Name: Mary
Friday, July 11, 2008 9:31 AM
Country_of_Remedy: USA

Ingredients: LISTERINE
100% WHITE VINEGAR $1.00
1 LG CAN LYSOL $1.50
Instructions: **I\'m trying this now. The vinegar stings my eyes. So make sure that you don\'t open your eyes, then rinse the vinegar before you do.**

Instructions: I have battled head lice with my five year old off and on for the past two years. Here\\\'s what I learned: DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON RID OR OVIDE. After trying these two methods with no avail, I came across this website as a last resort. The first thing I did was wash all bedding. I then stuck all pillows in the dryer for an hour. After I dried the pillows I sprayed them with Lysol as well as my couches, mattresses, etc. (I even bought the cheaper Dollar Store brand). With the LISTERINE, I covered mine and my daughers head with it. I mean drench the hair and rub into your scalp really well. THIS KILLS THE LIVE LICE THAT MAY BE ON YOUR HEAD. Then place a shower cap on your head for TWO HOURS. Rinse with water. Do not dry hair. Then douse your head with WHITE VINEGAR for TWO HOURS. This dissolves the glue that causes the nits to attach to the hair shaft. It makes combing out sooooo much easier. It smells awful though, but if you can stand it you will soon be lice free. Rinse the vinegar out with shampoo. If at all possible use DENOREX EXTRA STREGNTH. I washed our heads each twice. There is something in the DENOREX that repells them. It has been 9 glorious days without lice. I shampoo with DENOREX every other day as a prevenative measure. I am willing to do what it takes to NEVER EVER have head lice again.

Thursday, July 17, 2008 1:16 PM
Country_of_Remedy: US
nstructions: We\'ve been battling headlice since last November. I managed to contain that initial outbreak to one child and to about a 4 total day span, which I hear is pretty amazing. Here is what I did then: upon realizing he had a full on infestation (I freaked out, haha), I immedately smothered his head w/mayonaise, kept him in a \"mayo bag\" for three hours (shower cap, plastic trash bag, etc-something airtight on their head is what you are going for), then did a white vinegar rinse. I then nit picked w/a metal nit comb (I prefer metal to plastic). I then washed all the bedding, clothing, and vaccuumed the entire house, even his bed (yes, I daily vac\'ed his bed too). He was only allowed to sleep w/one pillow, one blanket, and one sheet, and those were washed daily w/his pajamas in hot w/a hot dryer drying, to keep laundry and reinfestation fears down to a minimum. I\'d then use different shampoos such as denorex and white rain brand coconut shampoo along w/over the counter tea tree oil for hair (I found this at a CVS in the hair care section), and again, nit combing to ad nauseum (which I really think is key). He was entirely lice/louse/nit free by day 4 and we never saw it again........til this summer. Now the whole family has been treated w/a combo of 3+ hours (many do this as an overnight task. I just do it for 3 hours) of bag head (either mayo or olive oil or baby oil), followed by a hot water (as hot as they can stand it) rinse out, a nit combing session, and then I made an oil for a daily topical solution, and for an alternative to only using mayo or olive oil. The oils are essential oils and care should be taken when using eo\'s. They MUST be properly diluted w/a carrier oil. Some oils can hurt, rather than help-everything from chemical burns to difficulty breathing, so read up and ask around before using something you aren\'t familiar with. Please do patch tests or read up before you choose to use anything at all, if you aren\'t familiar w/eo\'s. I chose oils that seemed to have chemical compositions that would either kill by \"Frying\" the lice AND eggs, or would at the least, repel them due to smell, and would still be safe for small toddlers and those w/no known respiratory or asthma type conditions. I used 5 drops of eucalyptus, 5 drops lemongrass, 5 of tea tree oil, and 5 of rosemary essential oil to a carrier of a combo of calendula and coconut oil (I would have used full coconut, but I was almost out so I cut it w/calendula). In essential oils, you can measure by parts, so you go one part of essential oil to 3 parts carrier oil. YOu can probably find better and more exact measurements down to exact mils online elsewhere. Once mixed, I\'d shake the solution up, and spray on for a daily deterrant or douse heads in it for using it w/or during your shampoo/conditioning regimine, before nit combing. You can also add it to your shampoo or conditioner, if you like. I\'m also fond of being \"better safe than sorry\" so yes, due diligence wrt washing everything-bedding, clothes, and constant vaccuuming, daily. I also think it is important to check heads several times a day and nit comb at least once a day. It is tiresome and feels endless, but the only way to ensure success is to get every bug and every egg out. One missed egg and you\'re back to square one. In our house, anyway.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008 7:16 AM
Name: wendy bertrand
Ingredients: LiceMD
Instructions: I came across this medicine \"LiceMD\", i got it at Wal-Mart yesterday. i saw my kids have been itching and itching so badly. i checked there heads over and over and thought i was getting all the bugs out. WELL, this stuff here works wonders and is very easy to use. THERE IS NO TOXINS IT IT!!! Its mainly just some type of gel. you should have seen the bugs that came out of my poor kids heads!! it worked wonders...so try it out.

Sunday, June 8, 2008 9:10 PM

Hello, My daughter had head lice a few times last year, we tried different products to get rid of them with no luck. I finally had to call her doctor to get a priscription. I was also told to use a shampoo with coconut in it. I bought sauve coconut scent. The lice do not like the coconut. I just thought this was a good idea for you to post.


Friday, June 27, 2008 3:46 PM
Country_of_Remedy: USA
Ingredients: Cat Shampoo
Instructions: Hello,
Cat Shampoo that says on the bottle kills lice, It is the easiest time saving way to get rid of them and get rid of them for good. Also, MAKE Sure you treat your car. Many people get reinfested because they don\'t think to clean their cars that the kids sit in everyday. They also have lice preventative spray at Walmart. Most people don\'t talk about the emotional toll having lice and dealing with it takes. Make sure after it\'s all over that you take some time for yourself. Everybody says if you get it doesn\'t mean you are dirty, but it sure makes you feel that way!!
Good Luck!!!!

Name: Tonya
Name_of_Remedy: Head Lice
Submit: Submit
email: dean.tonya@yahoo.com

I have found that the best way to treat lice is mayonaise. It has to be real mayo though not the light or salad dressing. Lather the childs head with it. Wrap in clingwrap for 4 or 5 hours or overnight. This method has always worked for me. Thank you for etting me share, Heidi Walls

Name: Amber
Country_of_Remedy: USA
Ingredients: LISTERINE
100% WHITE VINEGAR $1.00
1 LG CAN LYSOL $1.50
Instructions: I have battled head lice with my five year old off and on for the past two years. Here\'s what I learned: DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON RID OR OVIDE. After trying these two methods with no avail, I came across this website as a last resort. The first thing I did was wash all bedding. I then stuck all pillows in the dryer for an hour. After I dried the pillows I sprayed them with Lysol as well as my couches, mattresses, etc. (I even bought the cheaper Dollar Store brand). With the LISTERINE, I covered mine and my daughers head with it. I mean drench the hair and rub into your scalp really well. THIS KILLS THE LIVE LICE THAT MAY BE ON YOUR HEAD. Then place a shower cap on your head for TWO HOURS. Rinse with water. Do not dry hair. Then douse your head with WHITE VINEGAR for TWO HOURS. This dissolves the glue that causes the nits to attach to the hair shaft. It makes combing out sooooo much easier. It smells awful though, but if you can stand it you will soon be lice free. Rinse the vinegar out with shampoo. If at all possible use DENOREX EXTRA STREGNTH. I washed our heads each twice. There is something in the DENOREX that repells them. It has been 9 glorious days without lice. I shampoo with DENOREX every other day as a prevenative measure. I am willing to do what it takes to NEVER EVER have head lice again.


*It is not necessary to bag up hairbows, and ties for weeks on end.
Most lice die within three days without a host.
*Boil all hairbrushes, combs, and hairbands.
*Spray matresses, pillows, couches, etc. with Lysol (or even the generic brand).
*Only use a metal lice comb. It will not break.
*Check heads every night for the next two weeks. It is better to be safe than sorry.
*Vaccum carpets.
*If you discover you have head lice, please be upfront and honest.
This is how it gets passed around from head to head. It may be a lil embarrasing, but it does not mean you are dirty or that you don\'t take good care of your children. LICE LOVE CLEAN HEADS! *TRY THIS METHOD BEFORE YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY ON PRICEY RID, NIX OR OVIDE.

Thu, 01 May 2008 07:45
Name: J
Country_of_Remedy: USA
Ingredients: Listerine
White Vinegar
Tea tree oil
Instructions: Please Try this remedy FIRST!!!!! Saturate hair with Listerine For 2 hours. Rinse hair. Next saturate hair with white vinegar for 1 hour. I then rinsed hair out & put conditioner in my hair ( in the shower) used a nit comb & went through my Long very thick hair. Bugs rinsed out Dead & all nits were gone. I\'ve also added Tea tree oil to my conditioner as a preventative!!! Bugs are gone in a total of 4 hours!!!! Don\'t forget to wash sheets, towels, & thing you forget like Bra& slippers. I promise this will work!!!! One thing I did find out is if you color treat your hair, the color will pretty mich rinse out. I waited 7 days & dyed my hair. Hair dye will kill lice, but not the nits so if for some reason you missed one, the dye will kill it.

Wed, 16 Apr 2008 18:00
Name: rachel
Country_of_Remedy: us
Ingredients: coal tar shampoo
tea tree oil
metal comb (out of pet section--flea comb and less embarassing to buy).
Instructions: I was killing my hair by using the drug store remedy,which never worked, and made my hair very dry and damaged, and even took out some natural color. Because my hair was so dry, i started sleeping in conditioner. Every other night, sleep in lots of conditioner and shower cap Every other washing, put conditioner on ends of hair, and Listerine on the top, to shoulders, and conditioner from shoulders to ends, and leave on for 2 hours and rinse well Comb, comb, comb Put about 5 drops of tea tree oil in hands, rub together, and rub on scalp about 3 times per day wash linens and towels obsessively. If you are too tired to change the linen after a long day, just grab a big beach towel, and cover pillow and sleeping areas, then launder the towels, or wait at least 55 hours before using them to line bed with again. Change and launder shirts several time a day. Dunk all brushed, hair bands and clips in boiling water before washing hair, and do so every night.

15 Apr 2008 18:33:58
Thanks to everyone who has sent in remedies..... We tried them all and we used "miracle whip" w/ corn oil mixture, plastic bag over her head then sat her under a portable dryer (like in the salon, but can travel) for an hour. My daugher actually went to sleep because I put her in a fold out patio chair. Then after we rinsed it out, I used Dawn dish soap and Paul Mitchells Tea Tree shampoo. After rinsing all that out I used tea tree conditioner, left it on then put her under the dryer for another 30 minutes (dryer was on low every time). Combing the nits out has been a breeze. They slide right off, and while I was shampooing the MW out, we saw 3 lice going into the sink. I spoke w/ the school nurse about lice and she said it is true kids that use hair products -- hairspray, gel, stuff like that -- usually don't get lice even when they come in direct contact. I will update if that works for us. We bought the expensive stuff first and now we wished we hadn't wasted our money. Thanks for all your help!!

Have a great Day!!!


Anje K.

Name: Sandra McVicker
Country_of_Remedy: USA
Ingredients: Suave Green Apple Shampoo
Tea Tree Oil
Shower Cap & Towel
Blow Dryer
Instructions: I have had colonized headlice for about 3 years. Nothing ever worked and I tried everything. Then, one day I washed my head with Suave Green Apple Shampoo with about a teaspoon of tea tree added to what was in my hand. I quickly covered my head with a shower cap and towel for heat. I left that on for about an hour and could feel things crawling all over my head and out of my ears. I took the shower cap off and put it in an airtight baggie for disposal and quickly got out the Denorex. I left it on for about half an hour. I blew my hair really dry and everything; nits and lice were gone!

Sat, 5 Apr 2008 06:31
Name: Lucy
Country_of_Remedy: USA
Ingredients: Just want to say what a life saver this site has been. We discovered lice in my daughters hair in Nov 07 and have tried EVERYTHING since to get rid of. She has very long, curly beautiful hair and I promised her we wouldn\'t cut it. But what a nightmare it has been. Every night checking, taking hours of time, frankly I do not have. I checked this site and tried the listerine/vinegar solution and it WORKED! Not one bug since we did it. Thanks so much for a much happier child and a much happier mom. Instructions:

Date: Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 12:05 PM
Tuesday, March 24, 2008

My great grandmother told me to use the vinegar to get rid of the nits. I found out later that commercial lice treatments actually harden the cement that binds the nit to the hair shaft. My children find it hard to deal with anything that makes them sit quietly for too long. I now use a shampoo from the health food store that takes only 8-10 minutes and is a registered FDA medical device for removing lice. It is called Lice R Gone.

Sun, 9 Mar 2008 18:45:48
Name: terri willis

Ingredients: Listerine
shower cap
vinegar and
nit comb
Instructions: put listerine on head cover with shower cap for 2 hours, rinse and wash and rinse again. Put vinegar on wet hair, let set for a few minutes, then use a nit comb and come out hair. Works G I read on your site about mouthwash and vinegar. It really works. I have two daughters and 3 granddaughters. Between school and daycare we had a hube problem. After numerous trys of meds, I got on you site and read up on lice. I took the advice of some of your remedies. We used listerine and vinegar. It worked like a charm. We did it again in 7 days, but there was no need, the lice were gone. thank you so much for your help. We did not have to cut one head. Terri Willis (mommyall)

Thu, 6 Mar 2008 10:45:20
Country_of_Remedy: USA
Name : Dawn

Ingredients: Listerine, white vinegar, shower cap, shampoo,
conditioner, metal lice comb.
Instructions: I had to say that I saw the home remedy on this web site and I tried it and it worked very well! The school nurse was amazed and said if she didn\'t know any better she would have thought he never had lice. One word of precaution, my son had an allergic reaction to the bug bites so his scalp was pretty raw, so the teatment stung his head, he was not happy about it but was a real trooper and was able to go back to school the next day. Completely saturate the head with listerine, we used the blue minty kind. Put hair in shower cap and keep on head for 2 hours. Rinse hair. Using a lice comb, comb through hair and remove any bugs, they should be dead. Next, saturate hair with white vinegar. Put shower cap back on and leave on for 1 hour. Rinse and then shampoo hair again. We conditioned it too. Then when hair is stil wet, go through one small section at at a time with the lice comb. Make sure you you remove any nits still stuck to the hair shaft. They should be easy to pull off, the vinegar should have disolved the secretions the nits have to hold onto the hair shaft. Rinse the lice comb often to make sure everything is off the comb. Be very diligent about removing any nits. Keep any eye out for the next week, combing the hair when it is wet to make sure the hair is nit free, or the child will be infested again. It has been 5 days and so far so good! Also, do yourself a favor and tell the school nurse, it\'s embarrising I know but I promise you, you won\'t die from it and you can help keep your school from having an epedemic, and then having to deal with it for months! :)

25-Jan-08 at 12:28 AM:

NAME: Katie
EMAIL: ktdid123@hotmail.com
INGREDIENTS: Listerine Mouthwash
White Vinegar
Dawn Dishwashing Soap
Shower Cap
Metal Comb
INSTRUCTIONS: After using NIX three times, and Mayonnaise twice, this concoction was a lifesaver!! I had read on this website about these products and figured it couldn't hurt to give it a shot. My 9 year old daughter got lice and ended up passing it on to me and her Grandmother. We were miserable and she'd missed almost two weeks of school!! On Monday we took her to school for a lice check and the nurse still found nits. By Tuesday they were GONE! and she was allowed back in school.

Saturate your hair with Listerine. Cover with shower cap and leave on your hair for 2 hours! You'll smell minty fresh! After 2 hours, rinse your hair and then saturate with Vinegar. Cover with shower cap again and let sit for 1 hour. Rinse the vinegar out and then wash with the Dawn soap, as if you were washing with shampoo. Then comb through with the metal comb. We found the metal combs work so much better than the plastic ones, although they also tend to hurt more. Then after my daughters hair dried I covered her hair with conditioner, focusing on the roots. I then combed through it again and was able to remove so many more nits than I'd ever been able to. Then just rinse the conditioner out.

You have to be very diligent with the combing. It takes a while, especially for long or thick hair. The nits will usually be found within an inch of the scalp.

The Listerine killed the buggers, the vinegar helps loosen the glue
that stick the nits to the hair and the conditioner helps the comb glide
through and the nits slide off more easily.

16-Jan-08 at 07:02PM:

SUBJECT: Home Remedy
NAME: heymomlook

INGREDIENTS: Avon Skin-so-Soft
INSTRUCTIONS: My daughter has long thick hair and she was sad to findthat she had lice. We considered cutting it, but decided against that
idea, since I am bad at cutting hair. I read the remedies here and tried one recommendation for using Avon Skin-so-Soft. I am in shock as to how
well and how quickly it worked! We just tried it tonight and after checking through my daughters dark hair, I hadn't more than a couple lice,
mostly just nits. After spraying with Skin-so-Soft and letting it soak in for a while (about 15 minutes or so), then combing again, we found
at least 15 live lice. They were climbing out of her hair and onto her shirt (and mine) because they surely did not like the spray we applied
to her head! I worked it into her scalp well and combed thru a lot. We then applied a heavy coat of conditioner, then shampooed (with Head & Shoulders since she's also been battling dandruff) and then conditioned again after rinsing the shampoo out. Her hair is smoother than it's
ever been and we found more lice after the shampooing too. She and I are relieved that we should be lice free now or very soon. We just used regular fine toothed plastic comb, but tomorrow I will find a lice comb at the local drug store or wal-mart in case we have any remaining nits or lice and also if this ever happens again to her or her siblings. I will be recommending this remedy to other mothers in my area, this has been a recurring problem during the school year. Thanks so much for this website! You saved my sanity and my daughters scalp from the hazards of chemical treatments!

09-Jan-08 at 06:56

NAME: Katrina

INGREDIENTS: cetaphil gentle skin moisturizer
INSTRUCTIONS: I had to deal with headlice on my 9 year old for over ayear. We cut her hair short and tried everything from mayonnaise to listerine (which triggerred my daughter's asthma off. Finally I tried the cetaphil treatment, and within three weeks we had no signs. You cover
the head w/cetaphil, comb out excess and blow dry till completely dry. The blow drying is very time consuming since it is oily but it was well
worth it to be lice-free. The cetaphil is even cheaper than the lice shampoo. Thank you so much for this remedy

03-Nov-07 at 07:57 PM:
NAME: Teresa

INGREDIENTS: I have battled Head Lice for years and and have tired alldifferent kinds of treatments and came across someone on here that usedmouthwash and white vingar so I thought that I would give it a try andI was so amazed on how well it really worked I will be doing this
method all the time from now on thanks so much for the idea I will betelling everyone about it
INSTRUCTIONS: 1 bottle of mouthwash I used Scope and white vingarsaturate hair with mouthwash and put hair up in a shower cap and leave infor 2 hrs rinse out and saturate hair with vingar put hair up in a shower cap for 1 hr and then shampoo out


28-Oct-07 at 08:07AM:

INGREDIENTS: Conditioner
INSTRUCTIONS: Several years ago when my little girl was 5, I discoveredthat she had a raging infestation of head lice. I discovered this after several adults fell out of my own hair. At thattime she loved to come home from school and take a nap sitting with mein my chairwith her head on my shoulder. I also used my brush on both of use.Obvoisly they had made it to my head but I never treated myself and they never managedbecome an infestation on my head.

The only logical conclusion I can come to is that the regular use ofconditioner causes the hair to be "slicker" which makes it difficult forthe adults to hold onto the hair, also makes them unable to attach an egg to the hair shaft. Not sure it matters .. but I use the cheapest conditioner (Suave) and I
prefer the vanilla whenever available.

From my online research back then .. there also seemed to be a theorythat a chemical in the vanilla and coconut conditioners that the lice don't like.

Another treatment that I can confirm, as noted on several home remediesites, Denorex seems to work to prevent them and/or rid them. Myhusband also never becameinfested dispite close contact with her. He doesn't use conditionerbut does use the Denorex with coal tar.

23-Sep-07 at 12:59PM:

SUBJECT: Home Remedy
NAME: jay mutlugil

INGREDIENTS: anything that will smother lice and nits and cut off air
INSTRUCTIONS: After reading all of the remedies for head lice it seemsthat there is a pattern running through all of them and that is any
mixture that is thick enough to cut offair supply, whether that be mayo, olive oil or thick conditioner. I dovote for the white vinegar for detaching the nits, and alsotea tree as a further deterrant.Tthanks to this site and the advicefound here, we are nit and louse free after a few very frustrating months.Personally I used the mayo as I had no wine vinegar in the house andwanted to combat the problem instantly.

28-Aug-07 at 06:29

SUBJECT: Home Remedy
NAME: Gina
EMAIL: gee1_7@yahoo.com.au
INGREDIENTS: cooking/salad oil
tea tree oil
nit comb
INSTRUCTIONS: This is an easy remedy to rid you of those unwanted
pests. Messy but very effective!
First, add a couple of drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo, this
works as a preventive measure from further attacks.

Ok now to the messy part:
Use equal measures of cooking/salad oil and vinegar apply to dry hair,
massage through hair covering entire head.
Wrap in towel leave for 15 min.
After 15 min is up brush hair then use nit comb through hair, this
should be really easy because of the oil.
Rinse comb after each brush through.
When finished hop into shower and shampoo out (with the tea tree oil
added shampoo).
You may find you have residue oil left in the hair and it may take a
couple of extra washes to wash out, but this is fine.

Don't forget to clean/soak all brushes and combs, vaccum floors, strip
all linen etc and hot wash to kill lingering pests.

I have tried this method twice now and its brilliant, once when my
daughter was 7years old and again about a month ago,
she's now almost 11years old. So yeah I think it really works.

Country of remidey-us
ingredints: vingear and rubbing alchol
instrutions:mix them togther soak your hair in it then put a shower cap on to keep them from escapeing wait 30 minutes to a hour then wash it out and comb your hair out with a metal comb

10-Jul-07 at 07:37PM:
NAME: Kathy Fowlkes

INGREDIENTS: listerine/white vinegar
INSTRUCTIONS: Just got to tell you! LISTERINE so far has worked! We tried over the counter stuff, we tried prescriptions,we have beendealing with this since November of last year!We are SOOOO SICK of it we didn't know what to do. We saturated withlisterine and use a shower cap for 2 hours. The lice were dead in thecaps and we saw them in the sink.The even fell out when we were combing thru before we saturated withwhite vinegar. I am going to spray once a week with the listerine and just leave it in. My husband is so sick of washing the bed linens and spraying the furniture. We are praying we have it under control now. I never had thisproblem until we moved to FL from VA. I found out that lice is in spanish moss and my girls go to daycare where there is moss every where. I just hope it works to keep them away!

06-Aug-06 at 12:50 PM:
NAME: Debbie Gill

INGREDIENTS: 1 bottle of Listerine mouthwash
White vinegar
INSTRUCTIONS: My dughter has very long thick hair and we had suffered head lice for six months, buyingall the chemist remedies,with no effect. My mother bought a book containing household remedies and it said: saturate the hair with listerine mouthwash and cover with a shower cap. Leave for 2 hours then shampoo in the normal way. We did this and it killed all the lice immediately. The saturate the hair with white vinegar and comb with a nit comb and the vinegar destroys the glue that the head lice fix the nits to the hair with. Just comb them out. Believe me - it works!!

05-Aug-06 at 04:12
SUBJECT: Home Remedy
NAME: Gwen

INGREDIENTS: Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and conditioner
INSTRUCTIONS: Hi there, We have a very high incident of head lice in our schools in my community. It is a constant battle here. My daughter seems to get lice every year.Recently my daughter got head lice again! Then I got them as well, we battled and battled, I had used tea tree oil shampoo in the past and thought, I will try this again. I went to a hairdresser supplier and bought a good shampoo and conditioner, I also bought a teatree oil conditionar exfoliate for the scalp (WOW it was great), (Paul Mitchell is the
brand I used) I used this ever day and scrubbed my head really good with a towel after to dry it, and look for lice on the towel, after about the 4th day I did not find antoher lice, or nit. We use the tea tree oil all the time now even thought there are no more head lice in my home. I found that it works better then any chemical treatments. It is worth the price. Hint: You can also buy tea tree oil and add it to your own shampoo and conditioner.
Best of Luck.
P.S. Vinager gets rid of the glue that holds the nits, that way it is easier to pick them off.

After catching head lice in the 2nd grade, my mother took me to a salon andgave me a perm. My hair was long, all the way down my back and she wasn't
about to cut it all off. I got a perm once a year after that and nevercaught head lice again. I highly recommend perming your daughters hair if you can't bring yourself to cut it. As I grew older, in Jr. High, I startedto color my hair. This too blasted the little buggers. I haven't seen
them ever again!

01-Jun-06 at 01:34 AM:


Mayonaise works because it has oils and vinegar in it.
The lice nits have a hole in the end of them that provides oxygen, that eventually bursts open like a popcorn kernel; ...the oil smothers it. So actually, vaseline type products are best.Products that are made for ethnic hair are loaded with petrolateum and smell better.White vinegar/water mix at 50/50 under a shower cap for 20-40 minutes neutralizes the glue that the lice use to wrap their eggs around the hair shaft.I used the ethnic hair products and had my daughters hair braided for several days and then followed it with the cider mixture. Her long, thick, blonde hair was to her butt, and never needed cutting.Special note: A louse life cycle repeats in 8 days, but the eggs remaining on the head generally hatch in 5 days...so waiting a full week to use treatments a second time is too long. I got my reference from the encyclopaedia brittanica on the life cycle. I'm sure NIX knows this, but if they advertized it, they would lose a brand product.I know someone that used "OFF" for bugs products and swears by them.Skin-so-soft is oily and repells all sorts of insects!! Ants will not cross a threshold where this was sprayed, even months later...and I used it to kill a nest of carpenter ants...they dropped on contact!

Date/Time: 2006-04-06 13:27:00 PDT
Country of Remedy = USA

Ingredients = Vinegar,Tea Tree Oil, Cooking oil(veg)Rinse
Desenex Extra STrength Shampoo/ Coal Tar Shampoo like Nutragena
Plastic caps
Thin Towels,
Lice combs (Metal)
Regular extra thick conditioners.
Instructions = Lice Treatments that actually work.

Important. Over the counter products/lice shampoos DO NOT WORK!Just shampooing is not enough. Must pick out every single egg from strands of hair. This must be done daily.What helps remove the nits/eggs from the hair??Since the louse attaches the egg with a glue. The only thing that is found to help loosen the glue is White vinegar.To kill the louse and possibly some of the eggs/nits you can mix Coal Tar shampoo such as Nutragena’s or the generic brands. With some Desenex Xtra Strength Shampoo. Put on the hair DRY. Mix equal parts.Wrap in plastic cap and set for at least 30 minutes. Comb with metal lice come that comes with worthless Lice Shampoos. You can also buy them at Sav-on by themselves.Comb, comb, comb! And keep rinsing the lice comb.** Then rinse hair with white vinegar solution, see below for mixtureYou also need some Cooking oil and some Tee tree Oil. Mix equal parts of Cooking oil and Vinegar and then add 20 to 30 drops of Tee Tree oil.Saturate the scalp and hair. Then comb a lot to try to remove some eggs. Then wrap hair in a warm towel that is damp, then place cap over the towel. And let it set for hour and half.Then comb, comb, comb again. Rinse and remove with Dawn Dishwashing liquid. Very, Very- important. MUST be DAWN, this works wonders to remove the oil from hair.Then you can condition the hair and scalp again with a thick moiturizing conditioner and comb some more.Then each day you must blow dry the ON HIGH HEAT. The heat helps kill them as well.Another tool that helps is a flattening Iron on the hair the heat should help. Hint get as close to the scalp as humanly possible.I was able to get rid of them in 4 days. But you need to continue with the shampoo for about 2 weeks. Just to insure it’s gone.Blow dry the hair every day!This was the second time we got them in 2 years. I will never use anything else again. It took me over a month last year. This was amazing!

When my family lived in Arkansas, we delt with head lice all the time. All the over-the-counter shampoos didn't work. Then one day a teacher gave me this recipe for shampoo and I've used it ever since. I keep a prepared bottle in my bathroom for the "just-in-case".

Head Lice Shampoo

Small Amount
2 tablespoons Tea Tree Oil
6 ounces Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (Dawn ONLY)
2 ounces white vinegar

Medium Amount
2 ounces Tea Tree Oil
12.5 ounces Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (Dawn ONLY)
4 ounces white vinegar

Large Amount
4 ounces Tea Tree Oil
25 ounces Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (Dawn ONLY)
8 ounces white vinegar

Mix the three ingredients in a large squeeze bottle, such as an empty dish soap bottle. Use as regular shampoo, leave on for about 5 minutes before rinsing. Use conditioner to soften hair and keep dandruff down. Tea Tree Oil may cause some dandruff, but the bugs will be gone. May use every day, and bugs are usually gone within a week. Be VERY CAREFULL not to get in eyes or mouth.

Laurie Swan ( Montana )

Date/Time: 2006-03-05 13:03:37 PST
June Thomas
email address = RichardThomas21@mac.com
Country of Remedy = USA

Ingredients = Cetaphil- gentle skin cleanser
white vinegar full strength
Instructions = My daughter is eight years old and we've been battling with her head lice for months. I've tried almost everything that money can buy and I'll tell you, if she was a boy, she would deffinitely be bald! It's been almost torment for the past few months for my daughter and myself. Then I read in the Woman World's Magazine about a home remedy by a dermatologist for head lice. It works!!!Items you need: Cetaphil(mine was purchased at Wal-Mart), white vinegar, small or medium bottle that has a tip or comes to a point(such as those plastic ketchup or mustard bottles you can buy that come empty or something similar, this is optional- it does make it alot easier), spray bottle, a few towels, comb(s), hair clips, and slightly damp paper towels for disposal of dead nits.I actually used an old bottle that had hair dye in it where I just colored my Mom's hair that day before. I just clean it out real good. You'll need to place a towell around your child's neck.First, fill the bottle with the Cetaphil. Then, section the hair off in four parts with clips. Start at the bottom first, try to layer out about an inch at a time starting at the roots. Make sure you saturate the roots real good. Then do the remaining hair. Then go to the next quarter of hair. When all of hair is done, go back over it and make sure it's completely covered. Now, section off hair again and blow dry. I used a comb to help dry hair and hand towel to hold around ears so not to burn as bad. This drying took me about thirty minutes. I washed her hair twice and then towel dried it. I cleaned out that same little bottle and put full strength white vinegar in it and also in a spray bottle. You need a clean thick towel and a hand towel for the forehead.I had my child lean her head back while I applied the vinegar from the bottle, so it wouldn't get in her eyes, ears, or face. I used the spray bottle for the back of her hair. I completely saturated her hair all over. She complained that it burned some, just like with the other treatments. I left it on forabout ten minutes. I washed her hair twice then put conditioner on it. It is truly amazing how awesome this has worked. The lice are GONE! The nits are even dead and they SLIDE right out, it's unreal! One more thing, the combs that comes with the head lice treatments that you buy aren't any good at all- metal or not, USE YOUR FINGERNAILS to pull them out!

Date: Tuesday, February 7, 2006
Time: 2:38 PM EST
Country of Remedy: US

Ingredients: Mayonaise
hair gel
black walnut extract
Instructions: Saturate the hair w/mayonaisse and cover with a plastic bag. I use a regular grocery bag, wrap it around my daughter's hair, clipping in place with a regular hair clip. Leave in approximately one hour, heating w/a blow dryer (or sunshine on a really warm day) for at least 5 minutes. Rinse out the mayo then saturate hair w/regular, inexpensive hair gel to comb out nits, bugs, and eggs (please note nits are visible because they are hatched eggs; eggs are NOT usually visible to the naked eye because they turn the color of the hair, esp if it's dark. Rinse the comb periodically into a cup which is white inside so you can see what you're actually combing out. You may have to change the water often, but it's worth it, esp if you have any trouble seeing at all. You can apply the mayo daily to keep the head lice free and/or apply the
gel nightly after the shower. My daughter's hair is very thick so I would apply the gel after her shower then part the hair in 2 sections and braid it and let her sleep in it. This killed any that hatched from eggs I missed. Be sure to do other suggested additional cleanings like vaccuuming, washing the bed covers, etc.You can saturate possibly infested surfaces with disinfectant Lysol spray; ie. car seats, toys, pillows, beds, carpets, rugs, other furniture, cushions, etc. I found the best time to do this was when we could be out of the sprayed area for at least hour to allow ample time for drying. To repel lice, I have begun to use black walnut extract and water. A small bottle of black walnut extract can be found at an herbal store and is usually expensive, but you only need a small amount. In 6 months, we've only used 2 bottles of the mixture (that includes me using it to wet my hair for styling) You can purchase the best water spray bottles at a beauty supply store (like Sally's), the others tend to leak. Add 15-20 drops of black walnut extract to 20 oz of water. I spray 2 squirts into her hair each day just prior to possible exposure like at school, church, etc. You can lift the hair and spray underneath or on top. It's best not to overspray or the hair may become oily.

Hi, I was doing a lot of reasearch on head lice removersand I came across products with a substance known as lindane. It is highly toxic and should never be used on children.It can cause nerological damage as well as cancer. Please put this as a warning on the head lice remedies site. If you would like more information go to headlice.org.Thank you

Hi - My daughter who is 5 just had lice and we found the coolest thing at Walmart that I would like to share with you. She has very long hair and I refused to cut it. We tried Nix numerous times and the lice just kept coming back...not sure if she was re-exposed or if we just didn't get all the nits (even though we spent over 6 hours picking at her head).
So I tried numerous things, mayo treatment...vinager bath...nothing seemed to work. So we got some Tea Tree oil shampoo which was on your website and will always use that from now on and then found this comb.
The Comb is called LiceGuard Robi Comb --- Electronic Lice Comb It states that it "Kills Lice WITHOUT Chemicals"You use it on dry hair. It takes a AA battery and you switch it on and it "will electronically kill lice while being harmless to the user."It WORKS!!!! YEAH!!!The comb is well worth the $22.00 I spent on it. Please tell others about it! Thank you for all of your help. You provide an amazing amount of helpful information! You are an angel!

Tanya O. --- MN

Date: Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Time: 11:34 AM EST
Lori Beth
Country_of_Remedy: United States

Ingredients: Mayonaise
Olive Oil
White Vinager
Instructions: Place mayonaise (cheap store kind without many additives)on head and rub in.Place plastic bag on head and push out any air bubbles. Tie bag in back.Please expose any face and ears for safety. Wash face, ears and neck if spilled while coating hair.Heat head with blow dryer to warm the mayonaise. Once warm, let sit for three or more hours.Wash with Denorex or equivelant dandruff shampoo. Mix half olive oil and half white vinegar, enoughto coat hair well. Next, sit person on a sheet and comb oil/vinegar hair with flea or nit comb, wiping oil mixtureon towel after each stroke. Comb well. Wrap head with plastic bag (exposing face and ears) push out any air bubblesand let sit one hour or more. Shampoo hair with Denorex or equivelant dandruff shampoo. Blow dry hair completely while combingwith flea or nit comb. The vinegar in the mayonaise and vinegar and olive oil mixture should loosen and remove any nits.The blow drying of hair will also aid in removing remaining nits.Repeat few days later if necessary.Wash all sheets and towels and bedding.Tip: spray clean hair with baby oil or skin so soft or some type of oil product after washing shouldhopefully keep a person from getting reinfected.

Date: Friday, December 30, 2005
Time: 1:01 AM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: NIX, olive oil, lice comb
Instructions: My daughter had beautiful long hair and came home with a horrible case of head lice. We treated her head the standard way with the over the counter NIX or RID, following all instructions. The next day we put on the olive oil, wrapped her head with plastic wrap and let it sit for 4 hours. (it was messy, vasiline would work as well without
the mess). This suffocates any remaining live bugs. After the time you wash that out with standard shampoo. No real need to comb it out..if bugs were there they are now dead and will rinse out. Then we searched her hair 2x a day for nits...a nit makes a bug!! a bug makes 6 more a day!! We simply removed these by hand with fingernails. On the tenth day after the orignial treatment we reapplied the olive oil. (Ten days allows for all left over nits to have haatched but does not give them time to reproduce) We found no nits or lice in her hair. (If you find more bugs, you missed some nits. Keep repeating the oilve oil every 2 days until clear).THis is a safe alternative to the chemicals in the lice medicines. Be sure to search hair with vengance looking for nits, once they are gone you will be ok. Also, dont forget to clean all hair brushes etc (boil them...or just buy new). Do all laundry in hot water...if it can not be laundered in hot water, place in dryer on high heat for 30 minutes. Vaccum house well, especially couches, under beds, car seats etc. You can buy the sprays to kill the bugs but this gets expensive. Adult lice die within 55 hours without being on a human head, baby lice (nymphs) die within 24 hours, and eggs will not hatch in temperatures less than 64 degrees (turn the air on or heat down) and if they do...they will die within 24 hours. Good LUCK!

Date: Monday, November 28, 2005
Time: 11:56 AM EST
Country of Remedy: CYPRUS

Ingredients: VINEGAR

I went online and read MANY users remedies for head lice. Here is what worked for us. Treating our kids with Denorex(OTC) dandruff shampoo. Putting it in slightly damp hair and leaving it in for 30 mins. Then, rinsing it out and using a regular(any) conditioner to help with nits. I have a family of 6, 4 kids, two adoults. We have battled head lice for many years using EVERY head lice shampoo available. Within one day EVERYTHING was GONE!! I now use a Denorex daily , as a shampoo, and it works super. We just recently did this so we will keep you informed, however, one day lice and nit free is SUPER and will lead too hopefully ALOT more.

M.W., Virginia
Mother of four

Date: Thursday, October 20, 2005
Time: 3:03 PM EST
Email address: Jenn
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: baby oil
dawn dishwashing liquid
Instructions: Well when my daughter had lice years ago I used the store products so much and they did nothing. So I tried just decided to try baby oil. It kills them quick. To wash it out I just used dawn dishwashing liquid. Just make sure you do it once a week, but it should only be a total of 2-3 times.

Date: Friday, September 9, 2005
Time: 9:22 AM EST
Country of Remedy: America

Ingredients: Lice comb (perferably metal!)
Plastic wrap and/or wet towel
Hair products in general (prevention)

Instructions: My daughter was plagued with lice repeatedly... They just loved her and she got it several times and the store stuff really doesn't work well. This is what we learned:First, if you can cut the hair as short as the person is willing (for guys shaving fixes the problem). Second, wash all bedding and make a tobacco wash of a few handfuls of tobacco in a large pot of water boiled and strained. Put it somewhere to cool while you do the next step. Next, comb out every egg and bug you can. I do this buy dividing the hair into four sections, pinning up the sections separately. Then, starting at the bottom of the section, divide out 1/4" sections at a time and pulling the comb through it. I also look at though the hair in the light to see any I may have missed. I often use my nails to get the eggs that the comb misses (they work better anyway). Do this until every inch of the hair has been gone through. This is really the most important step in removing lice for any treatment, be thorough!!!! Now take the tobacco wash and thoroughly soak the hair in it. Let it stay on for about 10-15 minutes (plastic wrap and a warm wet towel can help with this.) Rinse. Repeat in one week. Run the lice comb through the hair (making sure to get as close to the scalp as possible) daily for a total of two weeks. (Not the whole dividing thing and all that, just run it through making sure to get the whole head.) Really, just comb, comb, comb! That is the most important thing. Two weeks is a pain, but it’s easy after the first one.I have also heard that rinsing the hair in vinegar after each shower helps kill the glue the eggs use to stick onto the hair.may help as well.

Date: Thursday, August 25, 2005
Time: 2:20 AM EST
Donna Alvarado
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: tea tree oil and olive oil
rinse with vinegar
lice comb
Mix 1/2 cup olive oil with 2 or 3 tablespoons tea tree oil. Apply to hair and rub into scalp. Leave on hair for 30 min. to 1 hr. Wash hair to remove oil. Rinse hair with vinegar (the vinegar loosens the "glue" holding the eggs and nits on your hair). Wait 5 to 10 mins and rinse hair with hot water. Repeat vinegar rinse. Always comb hair out with a lice comb to remove any remaining nits.
Wash bed linens, towels and clothes. Vacuum mattresses and fruniture. Don't forget childrens stuffed animals and the car seats.Prevention: mix 4 drops tea tree oil with your daily shampoo and shampoo as usual.Don't rely on the various shampoos that advertise tee tree, they don't have enough in them.I have worked for 10 years at a large child day care center (which cares for 125 children each day).Believe me, I have a first-hand, unsolicited knowledge of head lice.But, for 7 years my family has been lice and nit free! I contribute it to the daily tea tree oil mixed in the shampoo, each morning.

We have only had to deal with head lice once, that was enough! And I went balistic. Anyway, I got a list from the Dr. of things to do in the house. On that list was the use of Lysol brand disinfectant spray instead of the more expensive lice spray for spraying furniture, carpets, pillows, ect. after vacuuming. It worked! To this day I vacuum furniture then spray with lysol. It also kills fleas, we have dogs and although they don't have fleas, I take no chances.
Becky Wright
Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Time: 2:13 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Shampoo and Conditioner
Instructions: You don't need to use all those chemicals on your precious childs head!!!! We tried and it didn't work! Just when I was about to make a trip to the doctor for help I sat down and thought about it. The grown-ups never seem to get it. Why? Because we wash our hair more thoroughly every day. I decided to try one last thing. I personally washed and conditioned my children's hair every single day. I would simply saturate their hair with conditioner(being sure to work it onto the scalp everywhere)(the dollar-a-bottle stuff is all you need), combed it well while the conditioner was in, then rinsed. The lice washed right out with the conditioner. I couldn't believe how many bugs washed out that first time. I knew then that this was all I needed to do. Children don't wash thier hair as well as an adult. If you know there is an outbreak in your child's school, simply help them with hair washing for a week or so. You really don't even have to do it every day !due to the life cycle of headlice. Just be sure to do it again when the nits would be hatching(approximately 10 days). I prefer every day just to be safe.

Date: Monday, July 18, 2005
Time: 11:34 AM EST
Email address: Theresa
Subject: Home RemedyCountry of Remedy: South Africa
Name of Remedy: Head Lice
Ingredients: Mayonnaise

Instructions: Wash the hair, apply mayonnaise all over hair and scalp, cover your head with a plastic bag,and keep on overnight. The next morning, rinse the hair and comb out with a lice comb.All the lice will come off as well as the nuts. I found this remedy on the internet amongst American mothers and housewives. Here in South Africa it is still unknown, but after I have tried it, it really works.

Date: Friday, July 15, 2005
Time: 4:59 PM EST
Robin Atwater
email_address: rba6813@alltel.net
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil
Instructions: Several years ago there was an out break of head lice in my childs school. Avon Skin So-Soft has always been know as something good to put on people and pets to repel insects. I sprayed it in my childrens hair, rubbed it in and let it stay for about 15 minutes then wash out with shampoo. No need for second treatment kills eggs also.

Date: Thursday, June 23, 2005
Time: 11:49 PM EST
email_address: garzafam05@comcast.net
Country of Remedy: united states

Ingredients: Tide w/bleach alt, snuggle, lice comb and towel.
Instructions: My daughter and I have been battling these little buggers for years. Every time we get ris of them ,,,,THEY COME BACK!!!!!So I soaked both our hair in tide w/bleach alt, for about 15 minutes. Then I rinse with as hot of water as we can handle...Rinse very good.. Soak hair in fabric softner for about 10 minutes.. rinse and comb through with lice comb..I repeated thisevery 3 days for 2 weeks...and they are now all gone...

Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Time: 3:05 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Lamp Oil

Instructions: Pour lamp oil all over the head until your hair can't hold no more. Place any type of wrapping around your head, perferably not cloth. Wait for about 15-minutes and shake your head over a sink. Most of them will just fall out but comb your hair with a fine tooth comb and conditioner, because combing will be difficult, to get the rest out. You'll have to wash your hair repeatedly with shampoo and conditioner, to get all the oil out. Repeat about a week later just to be on the safe side. Make sure you wash EVERYTHING in the house. Try washing the things in the washer with flea shampoo then again with regular
detergant. If you don't want to wash everything, then you can buy a lice spray to just spray on things. I would do that several times with the spray. Good luck!!

Date: Tuesday, June 7, 2005
Time: 9:54 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Nail Polish Remover

Instructions: I know It sounds crazy but if you dab Nail polish remover on your sore every few hours, it will be gone in no longer than two days

We have been very fortunate; our kids have each had head lice only once. We have treated our household more than that, just because one of the kid’s friends was over and had them or something, but here is our plan of attack:

First of all, if the child is willing and you don’t have any objections, CUT THEIR HAIR! It makes it MUCH easier to deal with. My son had gorgeous hair that was about chin length in the front, and he wasn’t opposed to cutting it for the sake of a couple less hours spent bending over the bathroom sink or sitting on a stool while mom combs through his hair! It WILL grow back…

You will need: Mayonnaise, white vinegar, several towels, plastic bag, blow dryer, patience and a sense of humor

Then slather real mayonnaise on hair, making sure every hair is completely coated all the way to the scalp. Place a plastic bag (small garbage bags work well, or even grocery sacks) over the hair, and seal it to the head with your hands so as to get out all air bubbles. Use a blow dryer, and heat the mayonnaise through the bag as hot as can be tolerated for at least 20 minutes. Moms, be careful with your younger ones so you don’t burn them – I leave one hand up at their head so I can feel the heat. Leave heated mayo and plastic bag on as long as the younguns will tolerate it, for at least 2 hours (supervise small children here!)This will smother the live lice. Shampoo hair. Towel dry hair. DO NOT REUSE TOWEL until it has been washed. If possible, have your child hold a towel tightly to their face so the vinegar doesn’t get in the eyes or around their nose or mouth. Or , you may have to hold the towel yourself, either way, holding another clean towel over your child’s face, pour white vinegar through the hair. Leave on for at least 5-10 minutes. The fumes are not pleasant (keep your bathroom vented), but this is an important step! The vinegar dissolves the “glue” that holds the nits on the hair. Rinse hair with clear water. Towel dry with another clean towel (using umpteen clean towels may seem like overkill, but we have never had a reinfestation – I think being anal about this whole process is the key), and using a nit comb (I prefer the metal ones, also), methodically go through the hair from side to side, front to back, changing directions. Rinse nit comb with running water EVERY time you find a nit. Make sure you run your fingernail over the ends of the comb to separate the teeth of the comb so all of the nits are rinsed out and not redeposited on the hair. Go through the hair until you have gone over the entire head at least twice with NO nits being found. Repeat the mayo/vinegar thing in 5 days (I won’t go through all of the rest of it unless I find another nit later on.) Soak nit comb in rubbing alcohol. Make sure ALL towels used, bedding, pillows, clothing, coats etc. are either washed in hot water, ran through a HOT dryer for at least one hour, or are placed in plastic bags, sealed WELL and left to sit for at least 10 days. This includes stuffed animals, too. Don’t forget gym clothes already at school. Mattresses should be vacuumed or ironed. Couches and carpets should be vacuumed, and don’t forget the upholstery in your car! Make sure you throw out the vacuum cleaner bag immediately. (That is helpful also if you are trying to get rid of fleas.) And I don’t allow any sleepovers for a month afterwards, just because we want to make absolutely sure that we don’t pass on that one stupid nit that all of the above managed to miss, or get them back from the person we got them from in the first place, at least not right away!

I know it sounds like a lot of detail, but I know for a fact that attention to every little detail will get rid of the little buggers. And don’t forget to joke your kids through this – it is traumatic enough having to deal with the whole thing. Nobody intentionally picks up lice, no one intentionally gives them away (at least I hope not, LOL!), most everybody gets them at least once, I even had them once as an adult while I was in the Army living in the barracks. We use lots of “bug” humor (Hey, mom, don’t do that, it BUGS me, etc. Keep your sense of humor! And don’t forget to tell Grandma or little Aaron’s parents about the “attack” so they can take care of their end!

Whew!! Enough! It is now 4:38 a.m. after a bout of doing all the above (the laundry will get started tomorrow!), so I am headed to dreamland. I hope there aren’t any bugs there…

Teri Jean

Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Time: 4:19 AM EST
Karyn Bay
Country of Remedy: New Zealand

Ingredients: Salt and Shower Gel/Shampoo
Instructions: I have a large family of ten. About two years ago we all had lice. Three short haircuts and seven with long hair.We could not get rid of it we tried Toxic Chemicals, Lice shampoos, Mayo, Olive oil etc. But our family justcould not get rid of it. Much to my dismay. Then I heard of this very simple remedy I felt surely this would not work everything else certainly hadn't! Salt and body Sampoo/Gel. We took one bottle of body shampoo that was slightly used, then we put about 3 tablespoons of salt in the bottle with the body shampoo gel. Shook it up and we just plastered it all over scalp and hair. We did not even have to cover it. We just left it on the hair for about one hour then washed it with normal shampoolike we usually do. We kept checking day after day, week after week. Nothing was there it was so amazing everyones hair was so shiny aswell. We have not had even a hint of them back in two years.

Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Time: 10:38 PM EST
yemail_address: rosemarywarris@yahoo.co.nz
Country of Remedy: NZ

Ingredients: Comb, Head lice shampoo
Instructions: First wash your hands with soap so therse no nit eggs stuck on you hands.
2.wash yourhair with the nit shampoo.
3. with your own comb not your friends but your own brush the comb into your hair .
4. leave for 5 minutes
5. wash your hair out.
6 bush your hair and change all your clothes there could be nit eggs onit.
7. put new clothes on. dry your hair with hair dryer.
8. put your hair up as a ponytail so it will keep your hair falling.
9. do this for a few days until the nits are gone.
10. have your up.
11. be happy and smile

Date: Thursday, March 24, 2005
Time: 8:13 AM EST
Email address: Jen
email_address: jen32473@yahoo.com
Country of Remedy: usa

Ingredients: mayo, mayo and more mayo!!! I have had a TERRIBLE problem with the headlice thing and let me tell you. MAYO WORKS!! All the $$ I put into medicines that go nothing but bring them back! I put about 4 tbsp mayo in a bowl and microwaved it 30 seconds. then I plastered it all in my 3 year old girls hair, waited for 30-45 minutes then put her in
the tub. I washed her hair with strawberry shampoo and conditioner, and when i looked through her hair afterwards, guess what? I don't think that them little boogers like fruit smells. that has been about a week ago. still check the hair everyfew days.

Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2005
Time: 3:16 AM EST
Summer Gibson
email_address: tweetie574@hotmail.com
Country of Remedy: usa

Ingredients: Mayonaise and lime juice
fine toothed comb
Instructions: first run a fine toothed comb through your hair and then apply real mayonaise rub around as if it is shampoo.then apply lime juice on top of the mayonaise. run the fine toothed comb through your hair again then wash your hair out after combing for 5 to 10 minutes andit should do the trick

Sandhya R
email_address: sandy_ravishankar@yahoo.com
Country of Remedy: India
Ingredients: neem oil or neem leaves
Instructions: if ready neem oil is available, apply generously on hair, soak for an hourand shampoo. Later comb out the dead lice.
If neem leaves are available, boil a handful in a mug of water and use the water on yourhair after shampooing. Soak with the water on your hair for few minutes after shampooingand rinse with plain water. Repeat if lice persist.Bitter but effective remedy.

Date: Saturday, January 8, 2005
Time: 11:42 AM EST
nancy loggains
email_address: white_horse712003@yahoo.com
Country of Remedy: usa,southern il

Ingredients: real mayonaise, plastic wrap, bread tye
Instructions: completely soak the kead in mayo, wrap the head with
seran wrap and secure with a bread tie. leave on for 3 hours will drowned
the nits and eggs. comb through with a nit comb. great for conditioning
as well. my daughter has long hair and this works great on her.

Date: Monday, November 22, 2004
Time: 6:07 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: olive oil, shower cap
Instructions: Saturate hair with olive oil, put in a shower cap, or a wal-mart size bag with clip, leave in overnight. Brush out hair, then use nit comb to get out nits and bugsI found the best nit comb is the metal one, the plastic ones break (especially if you have thick hair). Sanitize the utensils you used in either boiling water ordishwasher. To get oil out of hair, wash with Dawn dishwashing liquid, if hair is thick may take a couple of times. Then wash as usual with your shampoo and conditioner.Also, wash bed sheets, towels, and clothes in hot water. The best way to avoid head lice is to check your hair if it itches more that usual!.

Date: Tuesday, November 16, 2004
Time: 6:12 AM EST
jay dodd
email_address: jay_dodd35@hotmail.com
Country of Remedy: america (u.s.a.)
Ingredients: cheap! thick scalp & hair conditioner
Instructions: my little girl was always getting lice at school, or from the kids she played with on the block. i kept buying the high price shampoo's, and the lice kits, and even tried mayo in her hair! i felt so sorry for her because her scalp was getting so red from the chemicals,and was itching so bad from dry skin on top of the lice, and the stinking mayo treatment and still nothing seemed to work !
i looked to see what all home remedies had in common, they all said use a plastic shower cap to help smother the lice. pluse i talked to
some friends of mine who are affrican american (black), and they said black people dont get lice because the treatment they use on there hair to moisterize the hair and scalp, the lice dont like.ok so i put the shower cap idea together with the heavy scalp and hair
conditioner together hopeing it would work, and it did over night !!!this is how i put it together!i went to the local dollor store and bought 1 bottle of thick heavy scalp and hair conditioning treatment!(note: this is not a regular conditioner, it is a condition only to be use from time to time. when you finde the conditioner, open the cap and pour a little out to see how thick it is, the thicker the better, it should poor out very slowely)then i bought a plastic shower cap.put the thick conditioner into dry hair before bed time! ( note: make sure the hair is drenched with the conditioner, and you try to rub as much as you can on the scalp!)put all hair up into the shower cap, and allowe the child to sleep in the shower cap over night!the next morning, wash the hair and comb! ( note: the conditioner may
take a few washings to totaly be cleaned out of the hair, but do not repeat washing in the same day, although the childs hair may seem greasy for the next couple of day's, this is doing no harm to the hair or scalp, but is deturing lice back on the childs head, plus is deeply conditioning the childs hair, and when fully out of the hair, the hair will be soft, and easy to comb and look so beutiful!)WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS SMOTHERING THE LIVEING LICE AND THE LICE EGG'S WITH THE THICK SCALP & HAIR CONDITIONER, ALONG WITH THE SHOWER CAP!PLUS THE GREASY STATE OF THE HAIR AND SCALP IS DETORING THE LICE TO BE ABLE TO GRAB AHOLD OF THE HAIR AND SECURE THE LAYING OF THERE EGG'S,

I came across your page while looking to find a solution to Vaseline in the hair. Our family just experienced a huge infestation of lice affecting everyone in the household before we realized we had it. We decided to use the Vaseline method this time. I believe we got rid of the lice but are having a lot of trouble getting the Vaseline out. I'm about to try the peanut butter method spoken about in one of your remedies.I'd like to say this is our first and only experience with lice but it's far from it. We should have caught this infestation much earlier but I think we were in denial. When our daughter was in the elementary grades she had lice almost non stop for a year before a pharmacist told me to put her on a multi vitamin with extra zinc. Apparently lice don't like zinc in the blood. After a year of battling lice to the point of taking days off of work and moving everything out of our house to clean it only for her to have them back in 2 weeks, we were thrilled when the zinc worked. The only time she ever got them again was once a few years later when we ran out of vitamins for about a week. We never ran out again believe me. Now that the grandkids are coming up with lice one of the first things we picked up was a high zinc vitamin. Sure hope this helps someone from ever having to treat for lice again.
Thanks for your tip on getting the Vaseline out.
Ann Galloway

Date: Saturday, October 9, 2004
Time: 8:33 PM EST
Email address: J Chanclor
Subject: Home RemedyCountry of Remedy: U.S.
Name of Remedy: Head Lice
Ingredients: mayonnaise, shower cap
Instructions: MOM'S, THIS REALLY WORKS! -especially with hair thinner than the lice comb.I found it to be the only relief from head lice for my 2-year old son.YES! 2-years old. DAYCARE...........NEED I SAY MORE!!!!!!! Anyway after purchasing the recommended NIX, that offered no resolution for the still attatched nits(eggs), I freaked and called the pediatrician on the weekend! He advised me to coat my son's head down with mayonnaise, apply a shower cap and to leave it as long as I could, preferably overnight. The next morning, all of the eggs were dead and rinsed right out with warm water. The oils in the mayonnaise lubricate the hair and scalp to eliminate the ability of the eggs to hold on, using lots ofmayonnaise helps to suffocate the eggs as well. The shower cap is essential to cut off any air flow the eggs need to remain alive.The cap also saves you from a mess with linens and whatever else while wearing the mayonnaise.

Date: Friday, August 6, 2004
Time: 5:20 PM EST
Mom of 2
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Suave Juicy Green Apple Shampoo and Conditioner
Instructions: My daughters school nurse told me that I should mix egual parts cooking oil and vinegar to remove the nits and bugs. After they were removed to use Suave juicy green apple shampoo and conditioner daily to keep those pests away. They dont like the smell of it at all.


Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Time: 5:42 PM EST
Email address: Donna Rock
email_address: Emeraldrock03@aol.com
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Mayonaise and shower cap or (plastic bag and chip clip
works just as well).
Instructions: I use this remedy every time my toddlers get head lice and it's never failed,of course it works for adults too. I warm(a few
Tablespoons per child)the mayonaise a little in the microwave so it's not too cold on their little heads (room temperature); I mix it up in a
bowl and apply it to the scalp with rubber gloves or sandwich baggies over your hands, then put a shower cap or bag wrapped with a chip clip on
their heads. Let it sit for at least a half hour. It's not comfortable at all so I set my kids in front of the T.V. to keep their minds off the
itching.Wash their hair with normal shampoo and then use a fine toothed comb to get the eggs and bugs out, the brown eggs are the ones that are
going to hatch first so I pick those first, the sooner you know about the bugs the easier it is to rid of. I also wash all the bedding and put
all stuffed animals or anything with fur or stuffing and pillows in garbage bags for a few days to a week, or you can wash the pillows.

Date: Friday, February 20, 2004
Time: 9:21 AM EST
Name: felicia
Subject: Home RemedyCountry of Remedy: usa

shower cap and mustard mixed with mayo
Instructions: mix ingredients saturate hair kills bugs

Date: Wednesday, February 18, 2004
Time: 9:33 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Olive oil, white vinegar.
Instructions: Soak hair in olive oil. Leave this in overnight. Wash hair as normal to rid the oil. Next take plain white vinegar and rinse
the hair with it. (undiluted) Wait for five minutes and rinse hair with tepid/warm water to remove vinegar. This dissolves the eggs. Repeat the vinegar rinse for four nights. On the fourth night check hair as you would with any other treatment. You may want to comb
through the hair but we find that it's unnecessary with this method.

Date: Friday, February 6, 2004
Time: 5:46 PM EST
email_address: ohgrrr@aol.com
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: rubbing alcohol
Instructions: saturate the hair with rubbing alcohol (just any store bought stuff) and leave it in your hair for 15-30 mins. then 7 days later
do it again.(heavy conditioning will be needed after.) this is what i did for my daughter who got lice and gave it to me. we tried everythingand nothing would get rid of it. then a friend of mine told me that this is what they do in the mexican communities to get rid of lice. so try it...

first of all you need an ordinary shampoo without the conditioner addedonce a week you add a few drops of the essential oil tree tea oil into the shampoo that you are about to use.

Date: Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Time: 12:02 PM EST
email_address: Kroah330@aol.com
Country of Remedy: usa
Name of Remedy: head lice
Ingredients: vasoline,plastic bag,baby oil,dawn dish soap
Instructions: apply vasoline to hair let it remain on hair over night with a plastic bag over it then in the morning put baby oil in the hair make sure to massage it into the scalp and leave on for abouta half hour then get in the tub and rinse the baby oil out and wash hair with dawn threetimes the key words are 3 and dawn it works i just used it on my sister in law who i greasedup to get rid of the lice since we tried the shampoo twice and no results baby oil and dawn worksthe best to get that vasoline out though cause i tried everything else it left her still greasy

Head Lice
Take some straight Camphophenec, pour onto head & make sure you massage into scalp & into the hot spots.. Then cover with a plastic shower cap, leave in overnight. Next morning, if there are any bugs they will be in the cap.. Wash hair, then leave a thin coating of hair conditioner around the scalp.. Hair will be very soft & u can repeat if necessary..
My sister uses this on her kids & they have very thick hair.. it saves her a lot of trouble.. in fact I use it once every 2 or 3 months just to deep clean my hair & scalp..
Smells horrible.. but it works..

Date: Tuesday, November 11, 2003
Time: 8:50 PM EST
Email address: Amy
Country of Remedy: US

Ingredients: Olive Oil
Instructions: Completely soak hair with olive oil and wrap in towel for one - two hours. Rinse and wash as usual. Work through hair with fine tooth comb to remove eggs and lice. Repeat in one week. I tried the store bought medicine and it didn't work, then I tried this remedy on my daughter and she was lice free for good!

Date: Monday, November 3, 2003
Time: 1:50 AM EST
email_address: angelherridge@yahoo.com
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: SHOUT! (clothes detergent), flea shampoo
Instructions: wash hair thoroughly with flea shampoo and then comb out hair and get spay SHOUT and spray it all through the hair and comb out with a louse comb... this will get all of the eggs and bugs.. you might want to repeat this in about a week to make sure, but i know it helped me and my brothers when we were younger :)

Date: Friday, October 31, 2003
Time: 6:24 PM EST
email_address: mistyab@highland.net
Country of Remedy: USA--KY

Ingredients: Dog shampoo and towel
Instructions: wet your hair throughly and apply the dog shampoo pretty thick and put towel on hair for about 30 minutes or longer smothering them boogers.. then wash as normal.It worked for us, so it should work for you.

Here is one that is promoted by Toronto Sick Kids hospital in Ontario Canada.
Mix equal amounts of any type of edible oil (vegetable, canola, olive) and white vinegar. To that mix, add 20 drops of Tea Tree Oil. Mix well (becomes slightly creamy) and apply to freshly washed damp hair. Be sure to massage into scalp, and comb through to ends of hair. Wrap in a plastic bag (Don't leave youngchildren unattended at any time--plastic bags can lead to suffocation) This remedy should stay on the hair for a MINIMUM of 3 hours. Preferably longer. Lice and nits will slide off easily, and be suffocated. The tea tree oil serves as a deterrent for them to use your head as a host later. This treatment should be done again in 4-5 days.

Date: Sunday, October 12, 2003
Time: 9:37 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Vasoline, plastic cap, peanut butter, shampoo
Instructions: Put the vasoline on hair apply cap, leave on overnight. The next morning apply peanut butterto get the vasoline out.. All lice and eggs will come out. It
suffocates them, and the eggs cant stay attached. I've used it on my sister and nieces it really works. As for the sheetsand the rest of the house all I can say is bag and clean lol.... Thanks

Date: Friday, October 10, 2003
Time: 1:12 PM EST
Email address: Becky
Country of Remedy: United States

Ingredients: Mayonaisse,Shampoo,Conditioner, and Hair Spray or Styling
Instructions: Put mayo in hair for about 1 hour, comb throughout hair. Wash out with shampoo, and conditioner. Blow dry hair. Spray LOTS OF HAIR SPRAY or STYLING GEL. Lice loves clean hair, it is easier for lice to stick to strands of clean hair. So spraying hair products, it makes it very difficult for the lice to stick to hair. So spray thourghout hair. Wash all bedding, clothes, and towels in HOT WATER. If you have carpets, you may want to get a fogger and place in the rooms, this way it is not necessary to watch window treatments, etc.

Date: Monday, September 22, 2003
Time: 3:05 PM EST
Country of Remedy: USA

Ingredients: Mayonnaise, shampoo, and conditioner
Instructions: apply mayonanaise throughout hair and scalp, leave in for about 1 hour, this suffocates the live lice. Rinse clean and take a fine toothed comb to get all the nits out, section by section. wash and condition hair

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