Adult ESL and the Web
TESOL 98/Seattle Thursday, March 19, 2-3:45 Convention Center 608
Anneka Kindler & Andrea Todd
NCBE Information Analysts

Adult ESL 
The Politics of 'English Only' 

  • NCBE is operated by the George Washington University and funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs (OBEMLA) 
  • NCBE is funded to collect, analyze, and disseminate information relating to the effective education of linguistically and culturally diverse learners in the U.S
  • NCBE is part of the Department of Education's Technical Assistance Network which includes the Comprehensive Assistance Centers, Regional Education Labs, ERIC Clearinghouses, and other national centers focusing on a variety of educational issues

The Web site ( ) is NCBE's primary means of disseminating information to the public. 
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  • AskNCBE: Answers to the most frequently asked questions. 
  • What's New?: Includes the latest additions to the site, or find out about funding opportunities and other news.
  • Online Library: Includes hundreds of full text articles and other documents for educators, organized into 8 subject categories:
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* Denotes examples of articles available online, in full text. 
Adult ESL on the NCBE Web Site 
AskNCBE Frequently Asked Questions: 
  • How many refugees are there in the United States? *
  • What terminology is commonly used in bilingual/English as a second language education? *
  • How has legal immigration to the United States changed in the last decade? *
  • How many adults participate in English as a second language programs in the United States? *
  • Online Sources of Demographic Information *
What's New Funding Opportunities: Information on Federal and private grants for educators and education agencies.
Online Library Parent & Community Involvement
  • Bridges Between Home and School: Literacy Building Activities for Non-Native English Speaking Homes. *
  • Family Literacy: Directions in Research and Implications for Practice. *
  • Family Literacy for Language Minority Families: Issues for Program Implementation. *
  • Model Strategies in Bilingual Education: Family Literacy and Parent Involvement *
Technical Assistance 
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U.S. Department of Education's Technical Assistance Network 
  • U.S. Department of Education: 

  • What Should I Know About ED Grants? *
  • ERIC Clearinghouses (AskERIC)

  • Online information service for teachers.
  • Regional Educational Labs

  • These Labs help educators solve educational problems.
  • National Parent Information Network

  • Resources for the exchange of parenting materials.
  • Office for Civil Rights

  • Ensures equal access to education.
  • Office of Vocational & Adult Education

  • Information on preparation for employment; adult basic skills; vocational-technical education.
  • School-to-Work Internet Gateway

  • Resource and research material on School-to-Work.
Language & Education Links 
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Bilingual Education & ESL Links 
  • Links to sites on Bilingual Education and ESL instructional programs and materials, teacher training programs, lesson plans, tutorials, journals, and employment opportunities.
  • Literacy for Language Minority Students and their Families
  • Success Stories English Literacy Development: Approaches and Strategies that Work with Limited English Proficient Children and Adults by Carmen Simich-Dudgeon, 1989 *
    In the Classroom Lesson Plans on the Internet: Bilingual/ESL Lesson Plans & Projects
    WATESOL Higher Ed 'SIG' NCBE hosts the web site for the Washington Area Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (WATESOL) Higher Education Special Interest Group. This site provides current information for Washington, DC area TESOL educators.
    The Politics of 'English Only'
    Online Library History, Legislation & Policy: This page provides access to articles, links to current and pending federal law and legislation, and an extensive listing of relevant web resources.
    NCBE Listserv NCBE Newsline: This weekly news bulletin features newsworthy events relevant to the education of language minorities in the U.S. 

    NCBE Roundtable: This dicussion group allows participants to interact and share information with educators and researchers from around the country. 

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