This is a completed project where ESL classes across northern California each collected information on wages for specific jobs and prices of housing and transportation. Classes exchanged information for comparison. Each class collected the following information . We are looking for classes who would like to continue this project. If you are interested please take a look at the lesson plan idea (http;//www.lessonplan.html).Then contact Susan Gaer (Click here to email Susan) Exchange of data will give students material to use in comparison pricing exercises and graphing of cost and wage information. Students will improve grammar and/or math skills as a result. The information may also be used for practice in the language of comparison (cheaper than, etc.). The project will conclude when teachers exchange samples of student work. Student work may be writing samples stating why a particular city is the most economical or most expensive to live in, for example. Student graphs or tabels may be faxed to the project facilitator and distributed to all participating teachers. A logical next step may also be to ask students what information they would like to exchange if they do another project.
If you would like to add to this project, please click here and email me. To see the data gathered click here

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