Introducing Yourself
Print out these instructions!

Write a short paragraph introducing yourself.

Type it in the word processor.

Save it on your disk as intro.doc

Click on the edit menu

Click on select all

Click on the edit menu

Click on copy to copyyour writing to your computer clipboard.

Click onDave's ESL Cafe

Click on the GrafittiWall

Click on AddYour Grafitti

Fill in the information requested(name, email address where you are from)

Click in thelarge white box

Click on edit

Click on paste

You should see your introduction

Sign it with your email addresst

Click on Submit

Answer these questions:

1. What are the steps to copy your writing from the word processor toyour computer clipboard?

2. Why do you copy things to your computer clipboard?

3. What are the steps to copy things from your computer clipboard tothe Internet?

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